Hey everyone! My name is Tyler Christensen, Founder of NOCO Pro Audio and DJ. I embarked on this journey in 2014 as nothing more than a hobby after my mom urged me to pursue this to the fullest. It all began with merely an iPad, one dance light, and my uncle's old Kenwood speakers that he has had since he was in High School. DJing has always piqued my interest because when it comes to mixing and playing music for a crowd, I see DJing as a way to embellish a moment and make it that much more memorable. I began expanding and investing in my hobby throughout my years in school while balancing my extracurriculars and sports.


After graduating in 2018. I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Business administration with an emphasis in Agriculture from Chadron State College, finishing my degree in only three years in the Spring of 2021. My time in school and the knowledge I gained with my degree opened even more doors for this business. I come from a farming and ranching background in Northeastern Colorado and will often poke fun at the fact that I am a fourth-generation rancher/first-generation DJ. I don’t think I know anyone else that can say that!

Fast forward to now, I am the Logistics Coordinator for Paradigm Fresh Inc. in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Between balancing my career, helping on the ranch, and providing DJ services at various events across Northern Colorado, I am a dedicated individual that can’t stand not having anything to do to keep me busy!


There have been some challenges, but even with a global pandemic far in the rearview mirror, I managed to grow and scale my hobby into a thriving small business. Top-tier equipment and a wide-ranged music library that will rival anyone. Our services are far more competitive than many of the large companies from the Front Range, with experience in Weddings, Banquets, Reunions, and even School Dances. What originally started as a hobby has grown into a service I can share with our local Northeastern Colorado community and beyond!

Behind the Booth: